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About Us

Westwood Bike Shop

For over 70 years, cyclists, friends, and family have trusted Westwood Cycle for all of their cycling needs. With more than 500 bicyles in stock for children and adults, and more than 300 on display, we have a bicycle for everyone!  

What makes our store different than other bicycle stores? Well, in one word, experience. Would you buy a camera from a person who only knows how to take pictures? Would you take cooking advice from someone who only knew how to eat? Why would you take advice from someone who only rode a bike? At Westwood Cycle, we LIVE bikes. We BREATHE bikes. We EAT bikes (well, maybe not).

We know the benefits of cycling and how it can relieve stress, increase your health, and improve your life. Some of us ride over 7,000 miles a year AND still have full time jobs. It's this kind of commitment that benefits you.


The Store

Westwood Cycle has existed at the same location in Westwood since the 1940's and it has been owned by the same family since the 1960's!  Over the years, Westwood Cycle has undergone several renovations, and the most recent renovation began nearly 2 years ago and is nearing completion.  This last renovation added several hundred square feet of showroom space to create a more enjoyable shopping experience and to allow us to display our huge inventory of bicycles.

More About our Staff

Between Mark, Allan, and Clark we have more then 100 years of bicycle sales and service experience!  We are all bicycle junkies, and we ride nearly every day whether it's on the road or on the trails.