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Mike usually rides every other Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, but also on Monday or Tuesday nights when time allows.  Locations typically include Oradell Reservoir, Closter, and Tallman Mountain State Park.  Contact Mike P.


Group Rides usually start in River Edge NJ.  Short rides to the Reservoir for when time is tight (5-7 miles) or when we're feeling energetic we go further toward the NY State border (20-30 street/dirt miles), and sometimes we shuttle to the trails (10-15 miles).


We sometimes stop for a bite and drink if we can during the ride!  We also visit other locations such as Hilltop in Verona, or Hartshorne State Park in Atlantic Highlands.  Rides will last from 1hr to 3 hours and the difficulty level of the ride will vary according to the skill and experience of the riders.